I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name – Holbrook to Globe: Day 3 southwest road trip

Dear Maia, Isaac and Virtual Wanderers, Adventures for Sazi continue and we are indeed in the lower desert. We started by back tracking to the Painted Desert National Park and taking a short hike. I remember hiking there in the AM last year but forgot that we stayed at a place further down the road, so it was on the way. It was good for the girls to get a leg stretch but Koko got a little freaked out by all the people at one point and tried to run away. Kachina was attached to her and some nice woman grabbed the leash for me.

Painted Desert National Park
Kokopelli and Kachina at Painted Desert Inn

Then, we headed south. It was a long drive and I could feel the sun get warmer by the hour. We stopped at one of my favorite places, the Salt River Canyon. I was so intrigued by this place (and horrified) the first time that I’ve come back to photograph it many times. I didn’t stop for as many photos this time being I’ve been through here at least a dozen times. But, the palm trees and giant yucca are stunning, none the less. We did stop for a short walk.

Salt River Canyon

We are now in Globe munching gluten-free pizza. The rooms always seem to smell like Pinesol down here. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t get norovirus 4 years ago staying at a place that smelled like this. Funny the associations. Now, that was a roadtrip nightmare. We survived, anyway.

Salt River Canyon

I had two upsetting things happen after I got to the hotel. Not horrible, but not good news, either. I’m sitting here telling myself that we only have the moment, anyway. Humans are the only known species to shift brains to the past and future. It’s great for some things but not for others. Last summer when I found the skin lesion, it took me a little while to let go of the worry and enjoy the rest of the vacation. 80% of what we worry about has a positive or neutral ending.

Koko and Kachina in their motel beds

Tomorrow, we will visit the ruins here and head to Tucson . . . At least that’s the plan. Looks warm, like almost 90. Hiking morning and evening only.

Kachina is my driving co-pilot

For those who think I’m brave to travel alone, I don’t always feel brave. Sometimes my brain catastrophizes just like everyone else. My dad was a traveling salesman and covered this whole territory driving old Lincoln Continentals that he fixed himself. That’s brave. And, seriously, it’s a neighboring State – my far spot is 600 miles from home. Two trips to Denver. I’m more curious than brave, I think. And happiness comes from novel things – That’s science.

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