By the time I get to Tucson – Besh ba Gowah to Tucson: Southwest road trip day 4

Dear Isaac, Maia and Virtual Wanderers, Today was the first low mileage day for the trip. 80+ is all. That gave us the morning to play at Besh ba Gowah archeological site. This place is gorgeous. Last year was our first visit. It’s 100% dog friendly, even the gift shop.

Besh ba Gowah

It’s a challenge to get here, though. These copper mining towns are not built on a grid. Very zigzag route. Thank heaven for GPS – except for driving me in circles getting back to the highway. I love the ruins and the history. But my favorite part is the botany. No snow today! Just huge agave!

Besh ba Gowah

We got to Tucson mid afternoon. It’s hot here this week. Way too hot for old dogs to hike midday. So, we checked in early and the girls were so thrilled to be cool that I let them nap. The State Park we hike is on the way back out of town, so we will go tomorrow morning. Shorter drive tomorrow, too. This year, we are hopping around the low desert and “almost low desert” (which they call high desert) for longer than normal because I’m sick of winter. Means longer drives coming and going.

Besh ba Gowah

Last evening, I was anxious because of the “bad” events that happened after I got to the motel. I said 80% of what we worry about has a positive or neutral outcome. That’s what happened. My car’s weirdest was driver fatigue. My other issue was a problem with a phone app not opening a document correctly. I feel like I lost several hours of vacation and gave myself a gut ache for nothing – I turned myself into a bag lady. Why do humans do that even when we know it’s a waste? I’m not so brave. My dad was brave – he made a cruise control before there was such an option – with a hacked off broom handle that he wedged between the seat and the accelerator. OMG.

Aliens at Besh ba Gowah

I don’t consider tonight a waste, just a rest. I ordered Door Dash because I hate the Tucson traffic (and our hotel is in a construction zone which doesn’t help with finding it). The pups are thrilled! Dash Door was a challenge – lol. The morning looks like 70s and 80s. We will hike AM, drive PM. It’s just a much happier space tonight. Tonight, Call the Midwife.

The hotel in Tucson.

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