I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships lying in the yellow haze of the sun – Farmington to Holbrook: Southwest road trip day 2

Dear Isaac, Maia, and Virtual Wanderers, Earth Day in the Badlands. Bisti Badlands this AM and Blue Mesa hike this afternoon at Petrified Forest. Definitely, Adventures for Sazi!

Bisti Badlands

Bisti Badlands is an awesome remote place near Farmington. It’s the reason we diverted through Farmington. We drove past it 4 years ago, but I was nervous about it. The internet talks about people getting lost out there. I can understand hoodoo chasing and how one might get lost, but if you put good boundaries on it – time, distance, hiking app – it’s fun and safe. It reminds on Goblin Valley in some ways. We hiked here 2 years ago, so it was more familiar today.

Bisti Badlands
Kokopelli and Kachina in the Badlands

After that, it was pedal to the metal for 170 miles to our favorite dog friendly National Park. Stopped for our annual Route 66 turnout photo. I was afraid the girls would jump – last year, Sazi had asthma from the wind and Kachina hurt her leg jumping from this and limped for several days. So, not the best shot. Then, I thought we would do another short hike, but it occurs to me it’s only breezy today. About 50% of our trips here come with a full blown windstorm – 50+ MPH gusts and all. So, I decided we should do our favorite hike today – Blue Mesa. We will be back through this trip but no telling on the wind.

Route 66 turnout, Petrified Forest National Park

Koko is adapting well. She gets on top of the back seat back to play lookout when I check into the motel. She is quite a character. I feel myself bonding with her already. I just never did with Moki.

Koko on her lookout tower

Stopped at one of my favorite roadtrip restaurants and had steak and pie. Huge treat – haven’t had steak in months.

Blue Mesa hike

I felt happiness through my veins today. Am I scared that something bad could happen on the road? Absolutely. More petrified than the forest. But it’s 💯 worth the risk to feel the joy of seeing my favorite places, again. I’m grateful for my health and a dependable car.

Blue Mesa Hike

Tomorrow, we head for the low desert. Can’t wait to see the Mogollon Rim and the first saguaro cactus. Of our 8 nights, about half are 4-corners region and half low desert region. These trips go so fast.

Petrified Forest National Park

Quote for Neil Young

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