I don’t know how, but sometimes I can be strong – From home to Farmington: Southwest Roadtrip Day 1

Dear Isaac, Maia, and Virtual Wanderers,

Today is day numero uno of our annual Southwest Road Trip. This year Im calling it Adventures for Sazi. We got a late start, so we didn’t stop for photos. We did cross the San Juan Mountains and drove past both Mesa Verde and Shiprock.

Stop in Cortez, CO

We are in New Mexico tonight. It’s our only night here before Arizona. I’m not entirely sure why we came this way. Just seemed like a good idea at the time because I haven’t been through the badlands for a while.

Farmington Riverwalk

This is the first trip with my new dog, Kokopelli (I call her Koko). She is a sweet and impish little special needs senior chihuahua-pug or chug. At least I think that’s what she is. She has lived her life in a hoarding situation. They found 89 other dogs with her. So, I’m showing her the world! She has no idea what she is in for during her remaining years. Lol.

Kokopelli and Kachina in their sista shirts

We are staying close enough to the Riverwalk that we did take a little walk this evening. It will be more exciting tomorrow.

Farmington Riverwalk

Roadtrips are both my favorite adventures and my most anxiety producing challenges. Because, that’s life outside the comfort zone. Life happens but I’m resilient. “I don’t know how, but sometimes I can be strong.”

Koko hanging out waiting for pizza

I’m trying a different method for my blog because I don’t want to get behind, again. I’m going to blog from my phone each evening and add camera photos and video later, after I get home. However, no video today. Just cell photos. We will see what tomorrow brings our way.

Farmington Riverwalk

Lyrical headline from Billy Joel – Worst Comes to Worst

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