Traveling Grandma and Her Pup Crew

Dear Maia and Isaac,

I started a new Facebook page to share this blog. It’s called Traveling Grandma and Her Pup Crew. I want it to be a blog for anyone interested in the Southwest, Colorado, dog-friendly travel, and disabled dogs. I hope my words are an inspiration to you and others who share a common path.

The start of our adventure today.

Today started pretty early at Colorado River State Park. The pups and I slept well. Ot, let’s say we did ok for the first trip of the season.

Pup Crew: Maizzy, Sazi, and Kachina.

After breakfast, we headed to Mcinnes Canyons National Recreation Area. I wanted to come back several times this spring because it seemed Grand Junction wasn’t that far. Well, once the COVID-19 stay-at-home started, I crossed those plans off.

Mcinnis Canyons National Recreation Area.

After the order ended another month. Because of being a grandma, I should wait another month. I’m a nurse and I believe we need to be careful. I packed my own food/water and a ton of hand sanitizer.

Me and my sandstone canyon.

Well, anyway, this was only Sazi’s second hike on her wheels. Sidewalks are easier, so I didn’t have her go that far in her own. Then, I put her in a new summer weight roo shirt pocket. It turned out to be cool but too stretchy.

Sazi using her Walking Wheels.

We will come back to that. Maizzy was in her k9 sport sack the whole time. When the temperature got above 80, she started non-stop whining. The older she gets, the less heat tolerant. I gave her some breaks and we didn’t go that far.

Sazi in her pocket pouch.

You know, I’ll be honest, the whining got on my nerves. I readjusted Maizzy, but she kept on. It was getting hotter. I lost my cool just a little when I readjusted her, and Sazi catapulted out of her pocket a couple feet to the ground – twice. I was shocked that pocket was so insecure. Fortunately, she was ok. I felt bad for getting frustrated. It’s hard to manage two disabled dogs by myself.

Maizzy in her k9 sport sack.

I got dogs to hike with me. Carrying cooling gear, and packs, and wheels, and water, and treats. Sometimes I feel cheated. I try to act like I had a great time, because basically I do. But, I long for the days when my dogs could walk. I’m glad Kachina is younger and healthier.

Kachina, my hiking dog.

The canyon was pretty. I love red sandstone. But, it’s too hot. I wanted to go back this evening, but my own back was hurting and it was still too hot and sunny for Maizzy. So, we walked the River at the State Park instead.

The Colorado River and Colorado National Monument.

Tomorrow, we head home. But, first an adventure. I’m just not sure what adventure yet.

Another sunset on the Mighty Colorado.

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