Pandemic Panoramas

Dear Isaac and Maia,

It has been a boring spring as far as travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept me home. And, I’ve been trying to catch up on projects around the house while I stay safe. Plus, getting the nursing students to graduation has taken a ton of energy.

Our campsite view of the Colorado River

The next couple of nights, however, we are camping on the Mighty Colorado River in Grand Junction. Not much of a trip, but I wanted to see the canyons one more time before the cooler fall weather.

Sazi, Kachina and Maizzy ride to the campsite with the other gear.

We didn’t get here until 3ish. It took awhile to get the tent up and the dogs settled. And, it was 96 degrees, meaning Maizzy was is stress mode.

Maizzy in her cooling Bandana.

It cooled down enough to take the river walk. Maizzy wore her new cooling Bandana that a friend gave her for her 16th birthday. I wore my bandana, well gaiter, in case of needing a mask. Neck gaiters are great for outdoor activities because you look normal unless someone gets too close.

My selfie from our campsite.

Well, we were headed back to the car and the thunderstorm started. We got drenched. Only Maizzy’s hair dries quickly. My hair is long because I still haven’t gone for a cut. Oh, we left the rain hood off the tent . . . That’s why it rained.

Kachina after the downpour.

We settled into the slightly damp tent and had chow. After that, the rain stopped and there was the most gorgeous sunset. I think sunset is one of my favorite things about camping. I get a rush of melatonin and fall asleep early.

Sunset on the Mighty Colorado River.

I hope for sound sleep because we need to hike early, before the heat. I’m going to see if Sazi does better hiking with her wheels than she did last time. We just haven’t hiked much this spring. But, she wears them for her walks. She is getting stronger with them.

Maizzy, Sazi and Kachina settling in for the night.

It’s fun to blog again. I think I’ll change the name of out Facebook page to Traveling Grandma and Her Pup Crew. Might get more interest. I want to share my adventures. That’s always been my dream.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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