The Hikes of COVID-19

Dear Maia and Isaac,

The last month has been a time warp with this quarantine.  I should be on my roadtrip this week.  I want to feel the desert sun and see the big saguaro cacti.  I want to go new places and see new things.  I want to escape work for a little while.

Catalina State Park, AZ, on our spring roadtrip last year.

But, not this year.  This Coronavirus could kill more people if we don’t stay home.  I will do my part and stay home.  I have stayed home the last month . . . boring old local winter hikes.  Oh, I am lucky to live where I can be out and there aren’t very many people.  So, I count my blessings that there is still pretty scenery.

Local walking path near the Ute Indian Museum, Montrose, CO

For a couple weeks, we did local bike paths.

Sazi in her Walking Wheels on today’s hike.

I should mention that Sazi got a Walking Wheels wheelchair to help with her rear-end being so week from her invertebrate disc disease.  She got those two weeks ago – and she is getting decent with them.  I think it will take her 6 weeks or more to be really comfortable.  She needs to build muscle and lose weight.

Mears Bay hike in Ridgway State Park, CO

So, last weekend we went to Ridgway State Park, Mears Bay, and let her hike for the first time in them.  It is paved.  She did OK for a few miles with lots of encouragement.  I look like a little circus act with Maizzy in her Sport Sack and Sazi in her wheels.

Dakota Rim near Montrose, CO

Anyway, today we went to Dakota Rim.  It was Sazi’s first off road.  She was a little overwhelmed, but she did OK.

Cloudy sky on the Dakota Rim hike near Montrose, CO

It was a cool day.  I longed in my heart for the heat of the desert, the joy of new scenery.  But, that is for another day when it is safe to travel, again.  That day will come. For today, we got to enjoy our back yard.  Honestly, just being able to go to the canyons in Grand Junction will be a treat.

View from Dakota Rim hike near Montrose, CO

I guess when life gives you COVID-19, you can always choose to enjoy your winter and early spring hikes just a little longer.  There will be another road trip.  DoingMyPartCO


Grandma Hartt


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