Old Dogs, New Adventures

Dear Maia and Isaac,

The journey home from Colorado River State Park came today.  It takes a while to take down camp by myself.  I mean, with old and disabled pups, I have stuff . . . playpens and diaper bags.  And, dogs, themselves.

Angry sky during the thunderstorm Sunday night.

I was mixed if we should try to go back to McInnis Canyons or go to my favorite nursery. We ended up doing the latter because it was hot by the time the car was loaded and I was worried about a repeat of yesterday – I don’t like myself when I get upset with my dogs for any reason.

Awesome sunset on Sunday night after the storm.

I decided that, since we would not go back to the canyons today, we would stop at the Escalante petrogylphs outside of Delta.  I haven’t been there for a few years because it isn’t really a hike.  The petroglyphs are really near the road.  There is a hike up the road a couple miles, but not a favorite of mine.

Sazi using her wheels at McInnis Canyons on Monday.

Maizzy and I use to hike that canyon every spring.  It was before we knew about all the other canyon options in the area.  So, Maizzy taught me how to hike with a dog in that canyon.  I was amazed that she could hike for as many miles as I could and seemed to like it!  She liked livestock – sheep, cows.  Never disruptive, but clearly engaged.

McInnis Canyon Hike on Monday.
McInnis Canyon hike.

I wasn’t prepared for my emotional reaction to Escalante today.  It was like Maizzy’s aging all happened before my eyes.  I think sometimes I get frustrated with her now because I grieve the good times we use to have.  Please don’t judge me for saying this – but there are times I wonder if she feels any enjoyment or engagement on our hiking adventures from her backpack.

Colorado River State Park with the Colorado National Monument in the background.Es

Anyway, I must have been so overtaken with emotion about that and misread the directions, that we drove a few miles past the petroglyphs – I think it is the furthest I’ve driven into the canyon.  And, after awhile, it starts to actually have red sandstone.  Seeing that, I knew we had driven too far.

Escalante Canyon farmland.

I reread the directions and we headed back.  We stopped at the parking area for the petroglyphs, and Kachina dove under the car for shade.  I knew it was too hot to take even a short hike.  I watered the tribe and loaded up Kachina and Sazi in the back seat.  I looked around for Maizzy and couldn’t find her.  She had wondered about 20 feet in the dirt parking area – she was huffing and puffing and confused.  My heart broke a little when I loaded her in the car.

Escalante Canyon drive today.
Maizzy in the Escalante Canyon in 2016 – my hiking buddy.

This blog has some of my favorite photos of the trip.  It was a trip that I took not being sure where to start this year.  We only used 1/4 tank of gas and only visited one store.  I think we did pretty well with social distancing – although the hand sanitizer goes more quickly when we travel.

Antelope in Escalante Canyon today.

It will soon be time to plan the next close-to-home trip.  Someplace cooler, no doubt.  I will dream of fall in the canyons and head up to the mountains.  I will hope for a happier Maizzy – but I sure miss my hiking buddy.

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