Gateway Canyons: Dog Friendly Adventure, Day Two!

Dear Isaac and Maia,

I was thinking how this blog is like a journal of my travels.  Sometimes, I forget that something happened on a trip . . . but now I have a record.  And, I have a reason to travel new places and do new things! See what an inspiration you two are to me!

Fall Colors at Gateway Canyons Resort

People have said I should have a blog on economic travel with dogs.  Maybe?  But, two travel blogs sounds like too much to keep up with.  However, it is another good purpose for this blog.  So, I will try to talk cover those aspects in my writing.

Sazi (partially paralyzed from IVDD) rides in her kangaroo pocket while Maizzy (heart disease) rides in her K9 Sport Sack.

Today, we headed to Gateway, Colorado.  It is an old mining area – your great grandpa Ferron use to do a lot of business up that way selling mining machinery.  Now, it is a resort town with some elements of the past history still present.  I had a dream about that resort before I ever laid eyes on it . . . this resort in the rural desert near home.  When I drove through the first time after it was built it was weird because I had no idea my dream actually existed.

Fall foliage at Gateway Canyons Resort

I use to go up every Easter and eat at the resort.  The place was build by a former Disney executive, and I feel kind of rich eating up there.  But, then work brought a lot of travel and I got sick right after I ate there . . . so, I just haven’t been up in a few years.  But, I thought it would be another canyon to see in the fall.  It is just 4 miles or so from Utah.

John Brown Canyon road

I had lunch at the resort and I walked the dogs around the grounds for a bit.  The xeriscaping is wonderful – like a Western Disney World.  Except way smaller.  It is my first fall trip up there and it was stunning.

Fall foliage in John Brown Canyon

After lunch, we headed for a hike on what is called Dynamite Trail – it is part of a group of trails near the Resort.  First, we got a little lost driving down the Canyon to the trailhead.  That is OK, because John Brown Canyon is awesome in the fall.  I have never been there until today – my little Honda Fit did fine on that dirt road.

A view of my Honda Fit from the trail.

Once we got to the trailhead, the hike went smoothly.  It was getting late enough that we didn’t go that far.  Plus, uphill with two dog passengers . . .  I am so glad Kachina can walk.  Anyway – it is BLM land, so dog friendly.

Fall foliage along the Dynamite Trail

After that, we headed for home.  I took some shots along the drive down Unaweep Canyon to Whitewater.  It is a pretty canyon even when it isn’t fall.  The rocks are amazing.  There is this old mansion building out there, too, about halfway back to Highway 50.

Fall foliage in Unaweep Canyon, Hwy 141

Tomorrow – We head for Fruita for a hike that I wanted to take both times we camped there this summer.  But between heat and Sazi’s crate rest, we didn’t get there.  In fact, both upcoming hikes (Weds and Thursday) are ones that I planned to take earlier this year.  We will stay at Motel 6 – also dog-friendly and economic!

Drigg’s Mansion building ruins in front of Thimble Rock

Love, Grandma Hartt

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