Devil’s Canyon: Day 3 of the Dog Days of Fall Break

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Today, we got a late start on our journey for a fall canyon hike.  That’s because I had to pack for an over-nighter.  Packing for senior and disabled dogs . . .  well, I did remember Sazi’s diapers this time!

Maizzy, Kachina and Sazi rest-up after the hike today.  Sazi wears a diaper while on the bed.

It was OK that we were late because it was still a little warm when we first arrived at the Devil’s Canyon area of McInnis Canyon National Conservation Area.  (I know former Senator McInnis – he actually took me and a bunch of midwives to the top of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC back in the 90’s.) We were here once before – two years ago – and I wanted to come back this year because it is like hiking at the Colorado National Monument, but it is dog-friendly.

McInnis Canyons looking out at Kodel’s Canyon K1

I knew from the map on which loop I wanted to take.  We got part way there and we were the only ones, so I chickened out and we took a different way that was closer to the entrance.  By then it was cooler, too.

Yellowing trees at McInnis Canyons NCA – Devil’s Canyon area.

We stopped and rested under a juniper tree – and I accidentally left my phone there.  Well, maybe it is trying to load-up Sazi and Maizzy for the ride – I just didn’t notice that it fell out of my pocked when I stood up.

The view towards Devil’s Canyon from the Flume Connection Trail

Regardless, we hiked on for about an hour before I discovered it was missing.  We got very close to the red rock formations – and those are my favorite of all the photos.  Somehow, they look so large and the city looks microscopic in the distance.

Red Rock formations along the Flume Connection trail.  

We headed back – and I realized my phone was missing.  We doubled back, but no phone so we continued our journey toward the car.  We passed some folks who said they saw it still under the tree where we were resting . . . and, so, disaster averted.

Sun moves behind one of the rock formations near the path. A lone tree dances on the skyline.

This was a nice hike for carrying the disabled duo because it is pretty flat and the trails are fairly decent.  It wasn’t as colorful as the other canyons we visited this week.  It looks like the rabbit brush is past peak.  Anyway, tomorrow takes us super close to Utah, again.  I can’t wait.

Sun setting over the red rock formations.

As for McInnis Canyons, I want to get to know these trails better.  It is only an hour and a half from Montrose.  It would be some great spring hiking!  I get more nervous with carrying so much weight because of carrying 2 dogs.

Fall colors in the late afternoon sunshine.

Sazi is getting stronger after her last accident – hit by a car.  She still wobbles when she walks, and I can’t let her walk much.  Maizzy’s heart keeps her from being able to tolerate exercise beyond a few blocks in the cool weather.  So, if I want to hike with my dogs – I tote them.  Kachina is my hero for walking the whole way!


View of Devil’s Canyon as the sun sinks in the sky.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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