Dominguez Canyon: Fall Break Adventure #1

Dear Maia and Isaac,

My tradition has been to go to the Four Corners for Fall Break. But, the 2 years I worked from home, there was no Fall Break. So, I camped down there late in the season. Now, Fall Break is back so I wanted to try something new.

Dominguez Canyon, CO

I have been thinking about local hikes – those within an hour or two of my house. It’s just now getting cool enough to hike in some of the nearby canyons. So, I’m going to try to go for a hike every day this week. We’ll see, because I have a virus or something. But, nature heals.

The hike into Dominguez Canyon.

Today, we went to Dominguez Canyon. We hiked there on Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s probably my favorite local hike. I love the deep red canyon walls. The railroad features are awesome, also.

An old bridge is visible through the fall foliage.

Today was awesome because of all the fall color. The rabbit brush, grasses, trees and other vegetation is stunning against the red walls.

Iridescent tree in front of the canyon walls near the waterfall.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since Sazi was hit by a car. She is doing so awesome. She is on crate rest, so rode in my pouch the whole way (5 miles). I can’t believe she is healing so quickly.

Sazi rides in her Roo shirt due to being on crate rest after being hit by a car.

Maizzy road in her pack because it was sunny and she hates sun. Good grief, she sounds like a percolator making sleep noises the whole way. She is amazing, though, because she is still here despite her heart disease.

Maizzy enjoys the views from her K9 Sport Sack.

Kachina, thankfully, walks for herself. She enjoys the adventure.

Kachina is on lookout duty.

So, we started early afternoon and got back to the car about 5 PM. The walk starts by some railroad tracks, eventually you cross those and head into the canyon.

The green-yellow trees look like they are fencing.

On the way, you can see two bridges. We cross the river into the canyon on the second one.

The dogs and I stop for a break after a couple of miles.

There was so much yellow today, it was gorgeous. We only hiked to the waterfall. I get tired carrying those two dogs and water. I love the waterfall, though.

The waterfront at Dominguez Canyon.

Tomorrow, I have another canyon in mind. Longer drive, shorter hike. Stay tuned for more fun in the sun.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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