Sazi Survived Being Hit by a Car!

Dear Maia and Isaac,

I’m not proud that Sazi somehow snuck by me and got out of the yard. I wrote my last post about it and wanted to update. My 7 pound chi, Sazi Ana, was hit by a truck. She was unconscious for about an hour afterwards – last Sunday. The vet and I thought she was dying.

But, then she woke up. Combative, sore, and hungry. Amazing that her worst injury is another disc injury. She is walking pretty well, though. Another 8 weeks of crate rest lies ahead.

She hurt pretty bad for the first couple of days, but it’s getting back to normal. I’ll be spending the weekend trying to get the yard more secure.

Oh, Sazi. I’m glad you are a fighter.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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