The Last Camping Trip

Dear Isaac and Maia,

I can barely type this because I am shaking so bad. Sazi was hit by a car this afternoon. I thought she was on the porch with the other dogs, but I guess she followed me to the planter and crossed the street. My neighbors had her, wrapped in a towel. They heard me calling her. I took her almost lifeless body home and put her in her crate. Slowly, she has regained consciousness but won’t let me touch her. Maybe that is a good thing. Mostly, she is comfortable but her life hangs in the balance.

Sazi makes a face on Saturday morning

This post was suppose to be about her healing journey this camping season. After her accident this spring, she regained nearly everything . . . except the continence thing. It was also suppose to be about a couple I met last night who lost a daughter last fall to a narcissistic, abusive husband. I worry about you and your mom. I told her I would reconcile if we could get counseling to rebuild the trust. I never heard back. I still wait, just like I do for Sazi to recover.

Sazi snuggle with diaper on

I got grumpy with Sazi over her diaper last night . . . it is work stress. Now, I feel awful about that and for assuming that she would stay in the yard with the other dogs. I was out there the whole time, but she is little and I just didn’t see her. I hugged her a lot before she woke up, and she was a little responsive to me then. Now that she is awake, she doesn’t want me anywhere near. I am sad . . . all this, and it is almost your mom’s birthday. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But, life isn’t like that. So, this post will either be Sazi’s memorial or a tribute to her resilience. I hope for the latter.

Hike to Dennis Weaver Memorial Park

Our weekend was mostly a walk down to Dennis Weaver Memorial Park in Ridgway. Before that, we went to the park downtown and saw a lot of dogs from Second Chance Humane Society – one looked just like Sazi and the shelter folks thought they looked like sibs.

The Uncompahgre River

Maizzy and Sazi rode in the stroller and Kachina and I got the mileage.

Path with San Juan Mountains in background

It was a beautiful day – and chilly nights in the tent. But, we stayed warm. The leaves are turning – they remind, me of your mom. She loved the leaves. Fall colors remind me of her, always.

Dennis Weaver Memorial Park

When we got back to town, I got a yucca at the plant store and the woman loved the dogs so much that she asked to take a picture. I was planting the darn yucca when Sazi snuck away. Now, it all seems so strange. Why?????

The yellow leaves of fall along the mighty Uncompahgre River

Anyway – anyone who reads this, please send positive thoughts to Sazi. I just don’t want to loose her yet. Please, please let her recover. This may be the last camping trip of 2019 – but let her live to see another camping season.

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