Celebration in the Ruins

Dear Maia and Isaac – I am posting this a couple of weeks late but it will show as the last date that we camped at Hovenweep.  We were at Hovenweep in July and I was the only person in the campground.  This time, it was cooler and fuller. This time was to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my graduation from my doctorate program.

Kachina, Sazi and Maizzy at Stronghold House

We got there late of Friday . . . well, in time to get the tent set-up before sunset.  It was still in the 90s and we just watched the sunset and went to bed.

Ruins at sunset

The next morning, we hiked the rim trail.  One of my favorite walks.  Sazi and Maizzy both walked the first mile on their own, too.

Kachina, Maizzy and Sazi at Hovenweep House

Then, I carried them the rest of the way . . .

Sazi and Maizzy in their carriers

We went all the way around to Twin Towers and turned around to head back.

Twin Towers at Hovenweep

It was cool and overcast . . . the colors are muted and I was afraid it would rain.

Rim House at Hovenweep

I had peanut butter crackers for lunch and took a short nap.  We were going to go to another ruin site but it started raining as soon as I woke up.  So, we waited and rain just kept coming . . . fall starts next week.  So, I read and the dogs slept.

Sleeping Ute Mountain with wet potholes in foreground.  

Finally, I herded them out in the wet for dinner.  And, during that time, the most beautiful sunset came out.  I had to capture it with 2 photos.

  • Rainbow1.jpg
    Rainbow over Hovenweep

The next day we drove home – on a Monday because I took the day off for my graduation anniversary celebration.  My phone went off constantly.  I am too old for a job this stressful . . . but I would like to get the program shifted before I retire.  At least unless I just can’t keep up.  And, that’s OK, too.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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