Yucca House

It’s Labor Day weekend. Only 2 more camping trips. The sun sets earlier. It’s always a race to pitch the tent in the light after equinox.

Animas River in Durango

This Labor Day weekend is so much better than last year when my skin cancer surgery wasn’t healing right. I couldn’t be in the sun or put sunscreen on it. It looked really bad. I remember calling the surgeon.

Display honoring the railroad in Durango

So, we left yesterday around 11 AM and headed past the campground towards a nursery in Durango. We got there a bit after 3. I’m redesigning my houseplants. I’m giving some away and trying to design more with them. I’m using more bromeliads – maybe because that’s what my Grandma Hartt grew.

Rafters on the Animas River in Durango

When we finished there, we went to the park in Durango. There is a riverwalk along the Animas River. We could hear the whistle on the Silverton-Durango narrow guage train.

Sazi in her diaper

Sazi walked the whole way – so she has improved but doesn’t have much feeling. She has issues controlling pee and poop, so she sleeps in a playpen at home and a diaper when we camp.

Maizzy, Sazi, and Kachina ready to start the day

I had no idea what I was going to do today last night. That’s actually kind of fun. We started the day in Mancos, the closest town. They have a fun art district and I found a couple goodies.

Entrance to Yucca House National Monument

Then we headed for a National Monument called Yucca House. It’s a big Ancient Pueblo Indian village that has never been excavated. There is one masonry wall, but most of it is piles of rock rubble with the ruin still buried below. You can see Mesa Verde and Ute Mountain from there. The scenery was cool. The entrance cuts through a farm field.

Gate at the 100 year old Yucca House National Monument

We headed back to Mancos State Park. I thought there was a ranger show tonight, but I was wrong. They usually have ranger shows on Labor Day.

Masonry wall at Yucca House National Monument

Anyway, we took the Pink Cadillac (new dog stroller) on a walk. The Lake is much fuller than last year.

Yucca House with Mesa Verde in the distance

Tomorrow, we head home. Work is busy . . . Too busy. It’s like so many other jobs I’ve had in Western Colorado. I’m older so my energy runs out faster. But, I do want to get the program reorganized – so, another 3 years or so. Then, I want to have an art store in that antique shop on Main Street.

Mancos Lake State Park

Love, Grandma Hartt

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