Birthdays are Magic Carpets

Happy Birthday, Maia!Dear Isaac and Maia,This past weekend, we camped at the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction. It was hot. Not as hot as Utah last month, but close. I would have chosen a cooler place, but my car needed to go to Grand Junction for service.

View of Fruita, CO from the Colorado National Monument

It’s pretty at the Monument, even when it’s hot. The sunset the first night was awesome. Pitching the tent when I was exhausted and there were 50 MPH wind gusts, not so much. Oh, and driving stakes into sandstone. But, I slept like a baby for 12 hours, and I really needed that.

The view from our walk through the picnic area Saturday evening.

So, when I pack on a work day and I’m tired – I forget stuff. I forgot Sazi’s socks, diapers, and carrier, again. I forgot my camera. We went shopping – Petsmart first for Sazi’s stuff.

My three dodo pets, Sazi, Maizzy, and Kachina

When dogs have back disease like Sazi does, it damages their spinal cord. Sazi can walk and run now, but she doesn’t feel much in her back legs. She can’t tell when she needs to go to the bathroom always- but, she is learning to mark territory, again. Anyway, she has to sleep in her playpen, but she can play on the sleeping bag in the evening with a diaper on. She needs socks to protect her feet cause she drags them.

Then, off to get your birthday present, Maia. I shared something related to a hobby I have. Shhhhh. Can’t say, because maybe you actually read this. We also went downtown so I could get new shoes.

View of the Colorado National Monument on our drive home.

After it cooled down that evening, we hiked the road through the picnic grounds. There were some nice views.

Pretty canyons as we drop into Grand Junction

All too quickly, Sunday came. We drove home over the Monument. I thought of your, birthday, Maia. I remember being there when you were born. Such a special soul you are to me. Oh, I miss you guys! I hope your birthday is the best.

View of Grand Junction from the Colorado National Monument.

Only three more camping trips. Labor Day is Sazi’s adoptiversary and we will be in the four corners. All too soon, there will be pumpkins and snow. My tent will hibernate for several months before it becomes our magic carpet to the Southwest.

Love, Grandma Hartt and the Three Amigas

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