Last Weekend Before School Starts

Dear Maia and Isaac,

This weekend was the last weekend before faculty officially return to work.  Except I worked all summer except for my trip to Utah.  But, it will be earlier hours and more people to deal with during the day.

Sunset at Crawford State Park, CO

Our get-away was close to home.  I was so exhausted from my daylily blog (you can follow that blog, too –  I have a daylily in honor of both of you – and your mom!)

Daylily named Isaac
Daylily named Maya Cha Cha
Daylily named Stephanie Returns

We camped at Crawford Lake State Park, which is close to the Sanctuary that my dogs came from).  On Saturday, we went to Paonia for lunch – they no longer allow dogs at my (X) favorite restaurant.  After that, we headed to Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  I remember the year we went together – but we were on the North Rim this time.

Isaac and Maia Dibble before our Black Canyon of the Gunnison trip – 2016
Black Canyon of the Gunnison North Rim 

It always amazes me how deep it is from the North Rim – which was only a few miles from my campsite.  It is on a dirt road, so less tourists than the South Rim.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison North Rim

We went back to the campsite and then to a dog-friendly porch restaurant in Hotchkiss, which was about 10 miles. It rained a little, but it never got the tent wet.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison North Rim

Today, we came home via the Curecanti – which is basically the long, scenic route home.  I was going to limit pictures, but that drive is so pretty.  I have taken 10K photos since May (between vacation, daylilies, camping trips, rodeos, and fireworks).  Too much – but I want a new camera for Christmas. Anyway – here are some photos of our drive home.  It is a big drop off in elevation – really great views.

Curecanti on the drive from Crawford to Hwy 50
Curecanti: Hermit’s Rest
Curecanti – The drive from Crawford to Hwy 50

We got to Blue Mesa Dam (you pass the Blue Mesa Lake coming here from Gunnison, so that is how we went home) and took a short hike.  Ever since Lake Powell, Kachina is infatuated with riding in the little umbrella stroller.  It is way too small but we manage.  Poor Maizzy!

Blue Mesa Dam
Maizzy (yep, she is in there), Kachina and Sazi in the umbrella stroller

Oh, and Sazi can walk, again.  She still can’t feel much in her back legs, so drags her feet a little and has to wear no-skid socks, but she is doing way better than I ever imagined.  She still leaks when I pick her up and doesn’t always know when she pooped.  But, she hiked a little, again, this weekend!

Maizzy, Kachina and Sazi waiting for breakfast

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