Pink Sands, Canyons, and Goblins

Dear Maia and Isaac,I titled this post for the name I finally came up with to name this trip. It’s now 7/9 and I have “internet light” but it still won’t upload these blog posts. That’s the joy of camping – I’m escaping work for real . . . Mostly.So, today started with a hike at Coral Pink Sand Dunes. It was just a nature hike, but with two dogs to pack, going up and down dunes was my aerobics for today.After that, we stopped in Kanab, UT for lunch. It has pretty red cliffs, still part of the Grand Staircase. I didn’t take photos. We stopped to splash in the swim beach at Lake Powell. It was HOT. So hot, Kachina insisted she ride in the stroller with Sazi and Maizzy. It was never meant for 3 dogs, but we managed. They waded a little, which was odd cause they hate water. I hauled the stroller back up the hill behind me . . . Had to stop to wipe sweat out of my eyes.We got to our stop tonight about 5. It’s free to camp at Navajo National Monument. It’s our 4th time here. . . Or 5th. I love the ruins here but dogs can’t go on the trail. I don’t camp here in summer, so usually they stay in the car. We will have to try something new tomorrow. Then, it will be on to Monument Valley!I went and sat on the rocks and watched the sunset while the dogs hung out in the tent. I’m glad for the long days . . . But the heat is an issue.Life is a daring adventure or nothing.Love,Grandma Hartt

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