Another monumental day!

Dear Isaac and Maia,

After sleeping on it . . . And on Maizzy . . . I decided to get up and take the hike to Betatakin ruins before it got too hot to leave dogs in the car. It was an awesome. I love looking at ruins and thinking about cultures who lived there.

Then, I broke down camp and headed to our favorite restaurant in Kayenta, AZ. Navajo tacos. Yum.

We drove through Monument Valley but only did a little roadside photography. It was hot so we drove on to find our campsite.

I decided on Sand Island on the San Juan River near Bluff, UT. The reason being that there is a famous petroglyph panal in the campground. Maizzy and I stopped to find it on out very first road trip.

It was hot when we got here, so we just hung out until 6 or so. Then we went to find the Bluff Greathouse, which was interesting but not great. Maizzy was hot and I was getting kinda frustrated by the heat, too. It’s a Chacoan site – the main culture is in New Mexico.

After that, we came and found the petroglyphs. They go on forever. I thought there was a spider woman, but I guess not. There is a Kokopelli.

I find myself a little sad tonight. Everywhere I go, people camp with families. I was hoping someday I would camp with you guys. Our one trip was canceled because of an issue between your folks, not cause I had to work. Wow – you must think it was pretty unimportant to me if you were told that I decided to work instead of pursuing something so important. I wasn’t on a pity pot. I was hurt beyond words. I am still not healed and every time I see groups of people with tons of food camping together – I realize that I’m an outlier. That day, I literally wanted to die. Don’t ever tell someone who is that down to get off a pity pot. Listen to them. Hear them out, show them respect, make sure they are safe.

Any way, this is Bear’s Ears National Monument and tomorrow we have more to see, so time for shut eye.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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