Feathered Castles in the Sand

Dear Maia and Isaac,It’s now the 8th and I still can’t post from the 6th pr 7th, let alone tonight. Maybe tomorrow. At least I can write drafts while the day is fresh.We started the day with a hike to Shakespeare Arch. (The dogs didn’t want to come out of the tent because of all the gnats last night.) We got there only to find a note from the ranger that the arch had fallen :-O Oh well, that’s the nature of the planet. It was still a gorgeous place. Everything in motion. We drove through the rest of the park because it was starting to get too hot for Maizzy.After that, we had this awesome Navajo taco pizza in a little town named Tropic. I don’t know why they named it that, other than maybe compared to the high altitude of the top of the Grand Staircase.Then, we headed for Bryce Canyon National Park. When we got to the top of the scenic drive, someone said there was a ranger talk about the Grand Staircase. I stuck Maizzy and Sazi in the stroller and put Kachina in the back pack.I learned a lot of new stuff – like the Colorado Plateau has 7 plateaus, two are in Bryce Canyon. So, I was wrong last night. I was on a different plateau when I was on top of the Staircase yesterday. Kodachrome is closer to the bottom, but the Staircase probably runs all the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.So, if you think about the steps, each is a different color and they change with elevation. They know a lot about each layer because of the type of fossil in the stone. The bottom layers are dino fossils, which made me think of you, Isaac. You will probably be too old to care if and when you ever read this post.Bryce is stunning. I haven’t visited officially since I took your mom and Aunt Erica camping there years ago. I tried to share my soul with them. I rock as a pioneer and explorer, but fail at traditional roles. My family wasn’t traditional, so my survival relied on other strengths. They saw me through. I stayed resilient. I only wish non traditional women were better accepted – but, maybe it’s still too threatening. I can only be myself. I can’t live a lie and be happy.After that, it was mid-afternoon and time to head to the next campground: Coral Pink Sand Dunes. After I set-up camp, I took the dogs to the dunes. Last time, Kachina had fun running around but today she just napped. Maizzy kept licking sand like ice cream – I had to stop her several times. Sazi could waddle pretty good through it.This is our far point. Tomorrow, we start the circle back. I can’t wait to get started! I sometimes wish I could retire but my non-traditional life means I work a few more years.Love,Grandma Hartt

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