Where the H is Grandma?

Dear Maia and Isaac,What a day. This is Sunday 7/7, but the earliest I can publish this is tomorrow because there is no internet where I’m camped. Same with my post about Goblin State Park – but that was written 7/6.Today was a big day. We started with a short hike at Goblin. Then, we took one of the most scenic routes that I can imagine.First, we came to Capitol Reef National Park, which is part of something called the San Rafael Swell. There are no gas stations for over 100 miles because the gigantic rock uplift is fairly uninhabitable. Grandpa Chip and I started dating after my car broke down on the Swell at night – I was in college. He was the only student I knew who lived in Grand Junction, so I called him to see if he could come get me. The rest is history.I took your mom and Aunt Erica camping at Capitol Reef when they were kids. We laughed at the ranger for being odd. It’s a lot of pretty rock and a major elevation change.After that, we crossed a mountain pass and from the top you can see forever. I call it the top of the staircase because soon enough you start climbing down via the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument.Before we started descending the stairs, we stopped at Anasazi State Park in Boulder City. I saw this place from the roadside last time, but wasn’t sure about it so passed it up. Today, I decided to see what it was all about. You see, most the Anasazi (or Ancient Pueblo Indians) live in the 4-corners. But this is way northwest of the 4-corners. It’s called the Coombs Site. It burned when they left – probably back to the 4-corners.After that, we started descending the staircase. It’s actually steps carved by mother nature in rock layer that run from where we started to Bryce Canyon. Kodachrome Basin (where we are camped) State Park is part of the staircase. Can’t wait to take a hike tomorrow.After we finish here, we will go to Bryce Canyon. We didn’t go last time because the dogs prefer to hike. But with Sazi not walking much yet and Maizzy being old and heat intolerant . . . The scenic drive might be perfect. I’m worried about Maizzy. She is so miserable this summer. I worry that her heart is failing. I don’t want her to leave. Maybe I’m taking the trip, again, because I missed some stuff and wasted time other places. Maybe it’s Maizzy’s last big road trip ūüė¶It’s weird, because I am the only one in my loop at Kodachrome. It reminds me a bit of Grand Junction here, but there are spires of different kinds of rock. I’m going to go out and watch the sunset. Hopefully, I can post tomorrow.Sometimes I wish I was a traditional grandma. I tried to be that because I love you guys and your mom. It just didn’t fit. Nature has no secrets. I like that, even if the gnats are awful tonight.Love,Grandma Hartt

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