Dear Isaac and Maia,Today, we woke up in Green River, UT . The River is full, bold and beautiful.We killed time there until lunch, then drove in the AC to Hanksville, UT. Actually, I was going to stop in Green River for lunch but 90 degrees, no drive-thrus, three dogs.We stopped at a burger place and I suddenly remember it’s the same place we ate 3 years ago when we were through here. It’s weird, but I remembered the picnic table under the shade tree out back. There were a lot boats and rafts because it is close to Lake Powell.After that, we got to Goblin Valley State Park. It was hot, so it took a couple rest periods to get the tent up. The hot dogs slept and I pondered why I was tracing the footsteps of my DNP graduation camping trip. Maybe because I wagered everything on my doctorate. Or, maybe because I took your mom and Aunt Erica to this region to camp. Maybe I just wanted to see if I could do it, again.The hoodoos are so cool here. It still makes me angry that a Boy Scout leader knocked one down and posted it to YouTube.Once it cooled, we walked the mile from the campground to the Valley. Last time, we took a trail there but with 2 crippled dogs, we just walked the road. Maizzy and Sazi rode in the stroller.The light is cool in the evening. The “goblins” look like they are in a spotlight. It’s fun to imagine in this landscape.Tonight, I feel grateful that I’m brave enough to do stuff like this. I thank my Aunts and Grandma for teaching me to use my curiosity. It was better than being stuck someplace unhappy.I’m waiting for my soup to heat. Maizzy is groaning. She didn’t use to do that. I would if this will be her last road trip.Anyway, tomorrow holds so much neat stuff. I better eat my soup.

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