Green River, UT

Dear Isaac and Maia,

I hope you had an awesome 4th of July. We watched fireworks yesterday and today we started out camping road trip through Utah. I need a name for this trip . . . Maybe I’ll think of something tomorrow. But, it’s a tour of the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah.

So, day one started with Maizzy at the vet. She has been hurting and they were able to get her some meds before we left. She is pretty old now. The heat makes her pretty sick. I don’t think she has tons of time left.

After that, we headed for Utah via Grand Junction. We are camped at a place called Green River. Once we got camp set up, we headed to Dead Horse Point State Park for a short hike. We left here at 5 PM and got there at 6. It was still too hot for Maizzy, but she did ok for a couple of short hikes in her backpack.

I have always loved Dead Horse, from the time I took your mom and Aunt Erica camping. Maizzy, in her day, loved to hike it with me.

Of course, Sazi can’t walk yet. Well, she can take a few steps but not more than that. She gets a rear end harness to start rehab when we get home. I feel like a traveling vet clinic.

PS – I’ll link more pictures when I get home and can download from my big camara. Tomorrow, Goblin Valley. Maybe the trip should be Goblins, Canyons and Monuments???

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