The Storm Troopers

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Today, we finally got to Dead Horse Point.  But, even though the roads were pretty clear, there was too much snow to do much hiking.  We did get out and play in the snow, though – Kachina wanted to hike through the snow and Sazi was shivering and wanted me to carry her.  She is little and gets hypothermia easily, even with her fleece on.

Dead Horse Point today from the Visitors Center

The canyon looked like it had steam coming from the bottom on one side from the temperature inversion. It was both gorgeous and creepy.

The Storm Troopers – Kachina, Maizzy and Sazi

I remember taking your mom and Aunt Erica camping at Dead Horse when they were about your age, Maia.  It was hot and it was the first time I remember hiking to the point.

Dead Horse Point, February 2018

Since then, I have hiked it many times.  It is a great place for dogs to hike.  I had an Australian Shepard who use to love to run the whole hike.  For some reason, I went years without coming here until I rediscovered it while on one of my road trips.  Maizzy has been here several times now.

Dead Horse Point today (same spot as the picture above), February 2019

We walked around the tip of the Park, too – because it has the best views.  The fog looked so cool.

Someone made a cool heart out of snow at the viewpoint

Because we didn’t hike, we were done by about 2 PM.  That was enough time to drive to Canyonlands National Park.  The roads from Dead Horse to Canyonlands were snowy and slushy.  But, I wanted to see the fog there, too.

Canyonlands National Park, February 2019

We only drove about halfway to what they call Island in the Sky.  I would have gone all the way down, but my gas gauge and the sun were starting to fall.  It would be too cold to run out of gas up there.  I was kicking myself for not filling up this morning before we left.

The storm clouds lift over Canyonlands National Park
Red rocks and white snow at Canyonlands National Park

We made it back to Moab.  I ran in to get dinner and Sazi somehow got out of her booster seat and crawled in with Kachina.  They were so cute!

Kachina and Sazi snuggling in one booster seat

Anyway – tomorrow we head home.  It is so cold and snowy that I don’t think we will do any hiking on the way home. But, I may try to find you two a little goodie before we leave. I am glad the drought is ending. I have never seen this much snow at Dead Horse Point.  Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to come out! 🙂 And, I am a year older than when I left home!

Love, Grandma Hartt




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