Leprechauns in the Desert!

Dear Maia and Isaac –

Today was the first real hike of 2019!  Well, I don’t count snow hikes.  The pups and I headed off to a place called Dominguez Canyon.  That’s between here and Grand Junction.  It is desert, so we hike in spring or fall.

Dominguez Canyon
Maizzy in her K9 Sport Sack

So, I got Maizzy a new backpack – called a K9 Sport Sack.  She is getting older and needs to be carried more.  I like this pack because it works well for long dogs like Maizzy.  Everyone knows where the treats are!

Railroad tracks leading to the trail head

I love Dominguez Canyon!  It is my favorite of the local red rocks canyon.  The Gunnison River flows through it.

The Gunnison River flows through the canyon

First, you walk along the railroad tracks to the trail.  Today, we saw a very long coal train.  Trains have run through this canyon for a very long time.  It’s historic.

A coal train roars through Dominguez Canyon

Once you get to the river, you cross a big bridge. Then, you walk up the canyon until the trail turns right.  This is where the waterfalls are.  I love the sound of the water.

The waterfall at Domun

Then there is an old corral that was used for horses at one point.  This is where we turned around.  It took us forever to get here because my dogs are slow.  Well, not Kachina.  But, we stop to let Maizzy walk some and for treats.  And, I carried Sazi and Maizzy about half the way back.

Old corral at Dominguez Canyon

It was a good day.  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.  I miss you two so much, but you are always with me in my mind.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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