A Snowy Day in Moab

Dear Isaac and Maia

What a wild trip to #Moab. First, it was supposed to be nice. Then, the storm got predicted but the predictions changed every time I logged in to my weather app. Planning where to go on what day was impossible more than a couple hours ahead of time. There was so much snow falling outside of our hotel rook on Wednesday morning (2.23.22) that I was glad I overslept. So, I walked the dogs and made this reel about the whole thing. (for some reason, it was a lot more popular on TikTok and Facebook).

By the time I finished my websites, it was early afternoon and most of the snow was melted. So, we headed for an adventure at #LionsPark and the #ColoradoRiverway walk. So, here is my vlog from the hike. PS – I also introduce my dogs Sazi, Kachina and Moki in this post.

After that, we walked around town and I bought the #dogs some treats (and Sazi a new #dogcarrier) at the #MoabBarkery. It wasn’t a bad day . . . just not the #moabadventure I had planned at #ArchesNationalPark. We ended up doing that on the following day – so check out that vlog post, as well.

Love, GMH

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