My Journey to Wellbeing: Authentic Happiness Vlog/Blog

Dear Maia and Isaac,

In 2004/05 I took a class on raising my wellbeing or happiness. I haven’t posted many travel adventures over the winter, but I want to share my #journeytoresilience with you.

I am doing a #positivepsychologyexercise every week for about 5 months. I am on a journey to see if I get happier and more resilient by doing this – a repeat of what I did almost 20 years ago.

I started a #videoblog or #vlog to document my progress. I record the video from some fun places, so it is a bit of an #adventureblog, too. Please join my journey here (I will add videos as I finish them) or follow me on YouTube for the latest updates.

Authentic Happiness Coaching Reenactment: Intro to #PositivePsychology
Authentic Happiness Coaching Week 1: Positive Introduction
Authentic Happiness Coaching Week 2: #VIAStrengths Test – what are your top strengths?
Authentic Happiness Coaching Week 3: How Happy are You? A guide to happiness testing.
Authentic Happiness Coaching Week 4: Three Good Things Exercise #threeblessings #htgs
Authentic Happiness Week 5: Gratitude Letter
Authentic Happiness Week 6: Letting Go of Grudges
Authentic Happiness Week 7: Giving Meaningful ♥️ Gifts
Authentic Happiness Week 8: A Door Closes, A Door Opens
Week 9: Change How You Respond with the ABCDE Model
Week 10: Fight Negative Self-Talk
Week 11: Stop Catastrophic Thinking

More to Come SOON! Follow us here and on YouTube

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