2021: The Petrified Forest – A Southwest Odyssey

Dear Isaac and Maia,

The motel we woke up in is only about 30 miles from the hotel we are sleeping in tonight. Some road trip, huh? No, the car didn’t break down . . . we spent 6 hours at Petrified Forest. We took 6 hikes! I absolutely love to have a whole day at that place. I always think I will get done before the day is up and I never have enough time for all the stops. Despite gusty wind all day, it was a great day. No noravirus this time. Heavens, I was sick last time I drove through here.

Agate House, Petrified Forest National Park

So, we went in from the back side of the National Park. The very first stop was the Agate House hike. It took us over an hour because dogs “see the sights” with their noses. I discovered Agate House probably 4 years ago, so I have hiked it 3 times now. I love that the Anasazi made a house out of petrified wood. Given what that stuff sells for in the shops, this little house would cost a mint.

Kachina, Sazi and Moki at Agate House

The second hike was the first hike Maizzy and I did here – Crystal Forest. I honestly have a vague memory of taking this hike with my parents when we visited here. I was probably 7 or 8. I remember not liking the hike – LOL. I also remember getting a piece of petrified wood to take home (purchased, not stolen).

Crystal Forest, Petrified Forest National Park

It is kind of cool to see all the old trees laying there. The colors can be cool. The pieces that have been polished in the stores have tons of color to them. The dogs like this hike – I think because they like sniffing around the logs.

Stunning, striped formations at Blue Mesa, Petrified Forest National Park

The last hike is new to me – I learned about it from a group I joined on Facebook. It is the Blue Mesa hike – and I usually skip this area because I am always short of time. I didn’t realize how cool the hike is. The colors and stripes of the badlands here are astonishing. It is awesome to be down in it, surrounded 360.

Blue Mesa hike, Petrified Forest National Park

Sazi rode in her carrier all day. I was hoping she would want to walk more with her wheels but she prefers them on the sidewalk, I think Anyway – someone told me she looked like Baby Yoda with her ears blowing in the breeze. LOL – just like someone told me Maizzy looked like a pig on our first trip.

Blue Mesa hike, Petrified Forest National Park

Moki and Kachina seemed to enjoy the day – they are pooped pups tonight. My pedo says almost 20 K steps. People couldn’t believe my dogs could do the entire Blue Mesa hike – they cheered when we got back. Seriously? It is only a mile round trip – although it is steep getting in and out.

Blue Mesa hike, Petrified Forest National Park

We also saw the petroglyphs – called Newspaper Rock. Not to be confused with Newspaper Rock in Utah that we visited the first day. The should re-name them Facebook Rock and Twitter Rock.

Newspaper Rock, Petrified Forest National Park

Oh, and the old favorite Route 66 pull out that has become a tradition for dog photos over the years. I can’t believe Moki cooperated.

Dogs on the car-bench at the Route 66 turn-out, Petrified Forest National Park
Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park

Tomorrow is the last full day. We are headed for a hike in the Badlands of New Mexico. I hope the wind dies down and the internet speeds-up.

Love, GMH

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