All’s Well That Ends Well

Dear Maia and Isaac,

I was actually nervous that something bad would happen with my car in Valley of the Gods. Well, they have found that 80% of what we worry about either has a neutral or positive outcome.

Valley of the Gods

And, so the first couple hours of our morning went by marveling at these crazy rock structures. A lot of movies have been filmed here, too. Yesterday, we say these while driving up Moki Dugway.

Valley of the Gods

After that, we went back and packed up camp. It was already hot. So, we lingered over lunch on a restaurant porch to spend the hot hours doing something that the dogs like.

The restaurant where we ate had this plaque

Then, we drove to Hovenweep on the rural roads. We drove slow to enjoy the AC. There isn’t much to see, but a few cool rocks and oil wells.

Road between Bluff and Hovenweep

As we got closer, Sleeping Ute Mountain came into view. Then, we waited for the heat to die down for a short hike at the ruins. We will go for a quick hike tomorrow AM early, too. Then home.

Sleeping Ute Mountain

I’m ready for a bath and to sleep in my own bed. But, I fly to Atlanta on Tuesday for a conference. Too much – I did not get all of July off like they thought I would. I feel more and more ready to retire, but it will be a few years.

Hovenweep ruins

I think about you lots and hope you are both flourishing!

Silhouette of me, Maizzy, and Sazi


Grandma Hartt

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