Ouray – The Day After T-Day

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Happy belated Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe it is almost Christmas.  I will be sending you some surprises from my road trips.  If/when you find this blog and read it – you will learn the story behind each gift.  Maia – I was going to do that for your birthday but I was trying to heal after surgery. Isaac – I will try to blog about yours.

Ouray, Colorado on our walk around town today

Anyway – I don’t know if you remember our trip to Ouray when you were here a couple years ago.  I remember the ice cream and the waterfall.  It is a fun place!

Maia and Isaac Dibble in Ouray, CO – 2016?

Today was sunny and gorgeous.  I took my dogs and we did a little walking around town.  I found a cool fancy poinsettia and a piece of Native American pottery from Cedar Mesa – My dogs and I camped near there (Utah) a couple years ago.  It was in Bear’s Ears National Monument before they open the land for mining 😦   My new pot has a bear on it so it reminded me of our trip.  I love camping with my dogs!

Cedar Mesa is in the background, behind my tent – 2016

I hung out in the pool while the dogs took a nap in the car.  Then we went to the park.  Both Maizzy and Sazi are a little sick and not walking quite right – so I have to put them in carriers or strollers until they feel better.  Everyone looks at us – I would guess they think I’m crazy.  LOL.

Our trip to the Ouray park today

We came home and went to the tree lighting downtown.  I loved going with you guys those two years.  It was better this year – there were dancers and stuff.  Then, we had Maizzy’s adoptiversary party.  Remember the year you were here we sang and had candles. And, the dogs got squash pie?  Well, I did that with just dogs tonight.  Maizzy still eats the fastest – she feels better tonight.  She was really sick for a few days.  Sazi eats fast, too.  Kachina takes hers one bite at a time.

Maizzy’s Pizzie!

It is supposed to snow tonight.  It hasn’t snowed at all yet.  It is the worst drought I have ever lived through.  There are old towns that were covered by Blue Mesa reservoir that are above water, again.  Anyway – I am getting off track.  Love you both!

Grandma Hartt

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