Savor Saturday at Ridgway State Park

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Today was a beautiful fall day here.  It has been cold with some rain for the last couple of weeks, so I have not had a Saturday to savor since the trip to see the goats.  So, today I took my dogs to get Halloween clothes and then we went on a hike at Ridgway State Park.  The sunshine felt so good.

Aspen leaves and the San Juan Mountains

I took some portraits of my dogs, too – they are so goofy.

Maizzy, Sazi and Kachina.


We saw a mule deer – I love their ears.  Hiking is so much better than Facebook!

Mule dear staring us down.

The Ridgway Reservoir is way too low, though.  It makes me very sad to see it shrinking.  I am posting some pictures from the overlook from different times. The drought really scares me.  I am afraid that you two will live in a world that is changing and water is harder to find.

Ridgway Reservoir today.


Ridgway Reservoir 2016 (August).
Ridgeway Reservoir 2016 – New Years Day
Ridgway Reservoir 2015

Do you remember the day we went to the Reservoir?

Maia and Isaac at Ridgway Reservoir – your last trip to my house, I think.

I think the next couple of weekends I will be gathering up my leaves – so I don’t know when the next Savor Saturday will be.  I am sure it won’t be too long.  I’ll try to post a photo of my dogs in their new shirts on Halloween, though!

Love, Grandma Hartt

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