Three Dogs and a Flattop Mountain

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Last weekend, I took my dogs to a place called the Grand Mesa.  You can probably figure it out, but that means “big table”.  The thing about flattop mountains is that the water doesn’t flow down after the rain and snow – so there are lots and lots of lakes.  The Grand Mesa was once a volcano.

The road to Vega Lake State Park

The dogs and I leave after I get off on Friday afternoon.  It takes awhile to get to the top of the Mesa and over to our campground.  We got there about 5 PM and set up camp.  Our space was really big for grandma’s little Honda Fit and a tent.  The Ranger thought someone else belonged in the space at first.  I am so tired when I get there after working most the day.  But sleeping under the stars in a tent is the best! No, I am not scared of sleeping in a tent – my aunts taught me how to be a camper!

Our tent under the moon and stars

There was a fire ban last weekend when we were there, so I ate cold soup out of a can, crackers, and cookies.  The dogs helped.  This week, the rains are starting to come to the area, so I think we can have a fire next week.  The drought here is very bad.  I will include some pictures of the haze from the smoke.

Anyway, after we spent a little time in a nearby town called Collbran, we went back to where we were camped and took the Vega Lake Hike.  It is pretty with tall aspen trees – it is a little like a jungle.

Vega Lake Hike

It was still pretty hot, so I think Kachina was the only one very excited to be hiking. Sazi and Maizzy want to take a nap.

Kachina, Maizzy and Sazi
Sazi and her tongue

We hiked back to the Ranger Station where our car was via the lake – it is a pretty mountain lake that is also used for agriculture (watering crops).  It is also very low right now because of the drought.  Can you see the lines where the water should be?

Vega Lake with a low water line
No boats due to the drought of 2018

Then, it was more cold soup and another night under the stars before we headed home.  I have some photos here of the views driving up, at the top of the Mesa (where we stopped for lunch) and coming down.  You can see the smoke and haze.

The trip back up to the top of the Mesa – this is looking towards Grand Junctiion
Mesa Lakes Resort – where we had lunch
The trip down the Mesa to Montrose – this is looking down on Delta, CO

I am writing this a week late because the weeks that we camp are so busy.  I wanted to have time to write more.  I miss both of you so much.  I didn’t want to be this far from you – even if we live in the same State.  I am not on a pity pot – just a campground potty.  It is just best for me to heal some things in my life and then I want to see if I can see you, again.  If you ever find this and want to text or Facebook, I would love that.  I love you and miss you!

Kachina at Mesa Lakes

Next weekend, we are going to the Colorado National Monument – that place is so pretty!  Then it is August and September left to camp.  Boy, the summer goes fast.  I hope your summer is going well.

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