Serendipity in the Curecanti!

Dear Maia and Isaac,

I am unsure if you know what serendipity means but I think you remember that I had a cat named Serendipity.  She was a sickly kitten and her name means an unexpected pleasant surprise.   Four years ago when we camped here the first time (around solstice), we returned home to find a very sick kitty.  She only lived a few days after that.  We return every year to the same campground and campsite to think about unexpected surprises.



The place we camped is called the Curecanti.  You may remember the big lake that is just before you get to Montrose from your visits here.  That is the Curecanti – and it is named after a Ute Indian Chief.

Dry Gulch Campground path

One thing I like about this campground is that it is quiet and right by a little brook.  With the drought this year, there wasn’t any water.  We also couldn’t have a campfire. My dogs keep me pretty warm, though – they all crawl in and out of the sleeping bag all night.  I have gotten better at sleeping through all of that ruckus.

Dry Gulch Campground path

The first morning, we hiked near the campground then headed into Gunnison for lunch.  I like Gunnison because there are a couple of places where the dogs can eat on the porch.  It has a cute little downtown where I found some new tennis shoes on sale.  After that, we went for dinner and listened to music from the Gunnison River Festival.  I like it when there is free music in the street.  I think of all my dogs, Maizzy likes the music the best.

Kachina, Maizzy, Sazi


The second morning, we went to the marina.  Man, the drought has made the water low.  I like to walk down to the boats and just look around.  There is a cute little place to grab lunch there, too.  After that, we headed home.

Blue Mesa Marina

I have always wanted to take you on my trips with me.  I dreamed of it a million times.  But dreams don’t always come true.  And, I bought many things for you thinking we would have a Christmas in the spring this year.  But, I don’t think anyone was that excited about the idea.   I have so many cool things I got you – I will be blogging about the trips I took when I bought each of them – then I will find most of them new homes so someone will enjoy them.  It may take me a few months.  I just hope you find this blog someday.

I have some new rules in my life to make me healthier, and your mom thought it was best for me not to come visit for now because of those rules.  I miss you so much that my heart breaks everyday.  My rules will keep me healthier so that I can live longer, though.

Wind charm at the marina

I am working on a plan to help myself be more resilient as I become an elder.  I am working to build a network of awesome supporters.  My biggest dream is that you can be supporters someday, too.  That would mean the world to me!

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