Home is Where Our Story Begins . . . And Ends: Utah Day 8

Dear Isaac, Maia, and Virtual Wanderers,

Today, we woke up on the Sand Canyon in the blazing sunshine of Utah. In the past 7 days, we have visited 2 National Parks, 3 National Monuments, 1 National Recreation Area, 1 Tribal Park, and 5 Utah State Parks. Now, my brain begins to come back to reality. I have that dark lesion on my arm that needs to be checked . . . mortality seems real. The cat box will need attention as soon as I walk in the door. I need to have a few more days of orientation at the store before I go solo. The spinnings of the human mind don’t want to focus on the moment. We are the only species that does that! It is good in a way but can take away from the pleasure of the moment. And, all any of us have is the present moment. I try to focus on enjoying the trip but that darned human brain.

Packed and ready to go in Bluff, Utah

From Bluff, we headed to Monticello (again), but this time we went east and then north through Disappointment Valley. It is a beautiful desolate drive. Maybe too desolate. I wish there was something to stop and see on our last day. I think we can have lunch in Norwood as we pass through the West End of my home county. No restaurants are open there today. So, I stop at the little park there and dig out the dried fruits and veggies plus the nuts. Again. I was ready for something warm. Maybe I really wanted something novel, something experiential. I worked in this area as the county health nurse for 2 years, it seems a little too familiar but the dogs enjoy getting out of the car in the cool mountain air of Colorado.

I try to relax and enjoy the journey home over Dallas Divide and through Ridgway. My brain keeps going home, working on future issues. I keep pulling it back to the mountains. Man, the dogs will be glad to hear the Garmin say, “home, on right”. I wish I could live in the moment like they do. Oh, well, I have to get on with life and Hovenweep is only a month away. I wonder if any of my daylilies are still in bloom? It will be good to sleep in my own bed. Our new little tent seems a lot larger than it did just a week ago – packed with memories to savor forever.

I came home to Adios Albuquerque still in bloom
Bluff to Montrose via Disappointment Valley

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