You Cannot See the Future with Tears in Your Eyes: Utah Day 5

Dear Maia, Isaac, and Virtual Wanderers,

Today was a low point in the trip . . . just a lot of negative emotion that turned the world a little grey for a few days. I will start by saying that we enjoyed a nice morning hike at the Sand Dunes before we left. Moki was still a little scared of the sand, but maybe warming up to it a little bit.

Moki, Kachina, and Sazi join me for a hike at Coral Pink Sand Dunes that morning.

It was when I was plugging my phone in when we got back to the car that I noticed a dark lesion on my arm. It made my stomach do a flip-flop because it was black/brown like melanoma. I couldn’t see it super well – because we can’t kiss our elbows – but it looked worrisome. I even called and scheduled with my healthcare provider before we left for our trip that day.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah

The trip out of Kanab is gorgeous red rock and bluff country. I told myself that no matter what my lesion turned out to be, I still had today. This is my favorite road trip and I would enjoy it. I was somewhat successful in keeping my mind focused on the scenery.

Scenery at Lake Powell National Recreation Area

Our tradition is to stop at Lake Powell and walk to the beach. We ate lunch first and this little girl, maybe 8-10 years old, was enthralled with Sazi. I think it is because Sazi has the tongue and won’t let people touch her. This lead to a series of questions from this bright little lass. She was obviously a curious thing who had been taught to raise her hand and say “question” before asking. Why wouldn’t Sazi let people touch her? Why did her tongue hang out? The list goes on. Her folks finally diverted her away but I will say that was the highlight of the day.

Sazi cools in the water at Lake Powell’s rocky beach
Moki and Kachina have no sand to play in on this trip to the beach at Lake Powell
For context: Here are my dogs playing on the beach in spring of 2021. Check out the sand and water. This is the SAME path but the water doesn’t come in nearly this far anymore.

We walked to the beach – me slathered in sunscreen that I can feel melting off with my sweat. I’m still trying to keep my mind on the present moment. It was hot and the Lake was so low that the beach had moved to the other side of a parking lot. When we got there, it was rocky and the dogs were hot and stressed. I wet them down to cool them, but they hate water. What a difference from our trip in April of 2021 when Moki was new to us and loved rolling in the sand. It is not a walk I would do again under the low water circumstances.

Monsoon clouds gather over Lake Powell

The entire time we were at Lake Powell, I watched the monsoon clouds building. I was worried about that, too. And, we dipped into Arizona for the night. Our campsite would be free – but I always worry about availability without reservations. We got there with just enough time to put the tent up and feed the dogs before the storm started. It was pretty intense but didn’t last forever. I ate the same thing I had for lunch – dried fruit and veggies plus nuts – because I couldn’t light a fire. IDK if it was nerves or the diet or both, but I was a little sick that night.

Monsoon over Navajo National Monument
Kachina, Moki and Sazi high and dry in the tent during the monsoon.

So much beautiful scenery – and I am grateful for the diversion. The monsoon thunder got me focused back on the moment. PS – This makes 4 State Parks, 2 National Parks, 1 National Monument, and 1 National Recreation Area.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park to Navajo National Monument via Lake Powell

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