The Pearl Lake State Park History Adventure: Day 2 Hahns Peak and Pearl Lake State Park

Dear Maia, Isaac, and Virtual Wanderers,

By the time I woke up today, I was sick and tired of driving. So, if yesterday was a day of following my granddad’s path through sheep country, today was a day to remember Grandma Pearl. I never met my granddad but I have a vivid memory of my grandma because we spent summers up by what is now Pearl Lake State Park.

Tombstone Trail, Steamboat Lake State Park

We started the day close to our campsite – the Tombstone Trail at Steamboat Lake State Park. It was a good day for a hike, just starting to get too warm when we returned to the car. The trail is through forested areas and climbs up to the tombstones of the Wheeler family. My family lived close to this place during the time the Wheelers lived there – both places are now underwater and or close to Steamboat Lake State Park. I have more info in my video (below).

Hahns Peak Lake

After that, we went to Hahns Peak Lake – the lake of my childhood because neither Pearl or Steamboat Lake had been built yet. There is a link between the lakes due to a ranger named Bud Hurd who helped convince grandma to sell to the land to become recreational.

My Great Grandma’s Chair at Hahns Peak Museum

Then, as clouds gathered, we visited the Hahns Peak Museum (the pups stayed in the car). I love the old family relics in there. Some of the signs were made by my Aunt Pearl many years ago. It is weird to see her handwriting. My favorites are my great grandma’s rocking chair and my great uncle’s hat. The video is worth a thousand words. Please see link below.

Pearl Lake State Park

After that, we headed to Pearl Lake hoping the rain was done. It wasn’t. We only hiked a short way due to the thunder but we saw some awesome wildflowers.

All packed up and ready to leave for home: Moki, Kachina and Sazi

The next day, we headed home via the back roads to Clark and stopped at the Clark Store for ice cream.

The Back Roads from Steamboat Lake to Clark

Video Blog Post from Today

Video blog tracing our footsteps today

Pearl Lake State Park History Videos from Today

The History of Pearl Lake State Park: A Short Synopsis
The History of Pearl Lake State Park: The Hahns Peak Lake Connection
The History of Pearl Lake State Park: The Clark Store Connection
Moki and Kachina enjoying ice cream at the Clark Store
Sazi, the toothless, disable wonder dog enjoying ice cream at the Clark Store

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