The Holbrook Windstorm

Dear Isaac, Maia, and Virtual Wanderers,

Today was our day to head towards home in Colorado – it is day 7 of our Southwest road trip. I got up and packed. By now it is a little old because, with 3 dogs, the hotel room gets looking trashed quickly – every night. So, morning comes and I sort it all back out and load it back in the car after feeding and walking the dogs. It’s still windy. Crap. I packed, anyway, but I was uneasy about it. I love my Honda Fit but high winds on I-40 don’t sound like a dream adventure – and the smaller roads through the 4-corners can get close to 9 visibility. I was uneasy but still forging forward until we stopped for gas and the car door felt like it was going to blow off.

I called our Motel 6 back and our room was open. So, we drove the few blocks back and unpacked our mess, again. I went for food at Denny’s or IHOP which was next door. When I came back, the door had blown open but fortunately, the 3 pups were all sleeping. It was, in its own way, nice to stop and have a breather. Kachina could rest her leg, too. I have driven through the 4-corners in a windstorm. I am semi-retired now and I don’t have to do it again today. I made a video on packing for road trips with dogs, instead.

It’s going to freeze this night so my desert plants spend the night in the shower.

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