2021: Monticello to Page – A Southwest Odyssey

Maia and Isaac,

Yesterday was so busy that I was too tired to blog – if was very late and I had a billion photos. What is different about this roadtrip is that I have had my confidence shattered a bit by Noravirus in 2019 (during my trip) and Corona Virus last year. Plus, the rez is still closed in many places so many of my favorite spots are closed. My route is some new places and some much loved old places. Old, because my camping trip map and my road trip map merged a little bit this year so I could be a bit closer to home.

Sand Canyon Petroglyphs
The illusive Spider Woman

Nothing wrong with Southeastern Utah and Northeastern Arizona. The sites are plentiful.

The Twin Bluffs at Bluff Utah

Our first stop yesterday was at Sand Canyon petroglyphs. This drives me NUTS. My favorite figure in the petroglyph is Spider Woman. I can never find her in the rock but I can find her in my photos every time. Why can’t I see her??? IDK.

Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Then, we went to Goosenecks State Park. I have been here before many times. Always fun to see the river snake through the terrain.

Moki at the Moki Dugway

We stopped at the Moki Dugway – well, the start of the road. We were headed a different direction. But, my dog is named after this place so I figured it was worth the photo op because we don’t get over here that much.

Mexican Hat Rock, UT

There is the Mexican Hat Rock – this guy was a favorite landmark when your mom, Erica and I drove between Phoenix and Grand Junction.

Iconic Monument Valley Highway (Forest Gump Highway)

Monument Valley brings to mind a lot of movies but it is really a Navajo Tribal Park. It is also closed due to COVID. So, my photos of my dogs with the mittens in the background is out this year – but we did a roadside photo near there that came out cute enough.

Moki, Sazi and Kachina at Monument Valley, AZ

After Monument Valley, I tried to make up some time. The red rock country of Northeastern Arizona is beautiful, so it was an awesome drive. The dogs needed to get out before dinner, so I drove on to Lake Powell and we played at the beach for a bit.

Moki, Sazi and Kachina on the beach at Lake Powell

It was an awesome day of old favorite places! Moki is doing good – Only a week since he hadn’t been out of the animal sanctuary for a full year. I still get a tear about Maizzy here and there, though.

Love, GMH

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