Introducing Maizzy!

Dear Maia and Isaac,

You know Maizzy but some of the blog readers may not. So, I am going to take a minute to introduce my pup crew to everyone.

Maizzy on the doorstep at Hubbell Trading Post, AZ – 2014

Maizzy came to me from Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary in Crawford, CO. I have not really had a dog since childhood. I mean, my kids had them over the years but they never became part of the family the way my current crew are. So, why on earth did I get a dog? I wanted a travel companion and my cats were not willing to participate in such human insanity.

Maizzy at Monument Valley, AZ – 2015

I was nervous about getting a dog with a house full of kitties. I couldn’t imagine how I would adapt to a creature that needed routine and daily human tending. I figured it would be a failed foster but I wanted to try. So, I went to the Sanctuary on the day after Thanksgiving, 2013. I thought I would be adopting an older doxie that I had been admiring, but they were afraid of how she would do with cats. They showed me Maizzy and I thought she was cute enough, just not what I had pictured. They said the doxie would likely not mix with cats but Maizzy was brought up with all sorts of other animals.

Maizzy at Salinas Mission Ruins National Monument, NM – 2016

I went back and forth looking at the little dogs. Everytime I went to see Maizzy, she would walk in circles. I read it to mean that she was a little anxious but also wanted me to pay attention to her. So, I brought her home and it wasn’t so bad having a dog. I named her after my grandkids, Maia and Isaac – so her name is pronounced Myzzy. I probably should have spelled it differently because people always mispronounce it. Anyway, she was my way of taking my grandkids along on my roadtrips since they were unable to come in person. And, that is also the reason for this blog.

Maizzy and sister, Kachina – Near Wickenberg, AZ – 2017

Maizzy and I have had so many adventures over the years. Our first Spring Break roadtrip was in 2014 – it felt like we were traveling so far, but it was just to the Petrified Forest and back through Utah. We have taken lots of adventures over the years, road trips, camping trips, hiking trips . . . Maizzy has traveled the Southwest from the passinger seat of my Honda Fit.

A couple years ago, I put together a YouTube of all the places she had been at that point. We have added a few, and I will update this at some point.

Maizzy with sisters, Kachina and Sazi at Tombstone, AZ – 2018

Maizzy is old now. She is 16 years next month . . . or she is 17 next month. I have been given 2 different birth years. She is now mostly deaf and can’t see well. She has renal failure and liver disease. And her knees are distroyed from osteoarthritis. I am a nurse – I know she is on her last few months with us. The last year and a half, I have had to carry her in a backpack or push her in a stroller on our journeys. I have left her home a few times, but she seems to get depressed.

Maizzy with sisters, Kachina and Sazi – 2019

I have learned a lot about dog backpacks and strollers! I should do a post on my reviews at some point because I have tried every style you can imagine. Maizzy’s DNA shows she is 75% chihuahua, 12.5% miniature poodle and the rest is mutt. She is built like a doxie so I am guessing she has a long dog in her genetics somewhere.

Maizzy in the ruins, New Mexico – 2020

Life has changed the last year or two. My best, most enthusiastic hiking and travel companion is now almost totally dependent on me. I feel like I have already lost some parts of her that I will always savor. She was my first real “best friend” dog and I plan to enjoy what little time I have left with her.

Love, GMH

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