Red Rocks Rhapsody: Arches National Park

Dear Isaac and Maia,

Arches National Park is one of the most colorful configuration of red rocks that I have ever seen.  It is stunning the first time you see it – better than Disney Land in many ways.  This Disney Land was made when the Colorado Plateau pushed up the surface of the land.

Large sandstone rocks near the entrance to Arches National Park.

Red Rocks Rhapsody was my basset hound’s registered name. We called her Jackie.  IDK where we got that name from Red Rocks Rhapsody.  I guess Jackie came to mind today because I have been thinking a lot about Maizzy this trip.  She is not doing well, sick with some digestive thing that isn’t clearing like it usually does.  It has been several weeks . . . I have tried new food and probiotics.  She and Sazi both wear diapers in the hotel now.  Maizzy can’t see well and her rear hip arthritis are bad.  I am afraid she has cancer.  She turns 16 next week.

Sazi, Maizzy, and Kachina at the window arches.

Maizzy, named for you guys, has been my rock.  Things got rocky in other areas of my life, so I adopted her to take her the places I was hoping to take you someday.  She has been there through four jobs and my doctorate degree.  She and I have been on so many trips to so many places . . . it is hard to believe this could be her last trip.

Down the road in this surreal place.

So, my mind was processing this as I drove through the rocks at Arches.  When someone is your “rock” it means they have been stable over time.  Of course, even the Arches change with time.  But, it is slow.  We can hardly see it.  But, sometimes they fall . . . eventually, they will all fall.  And, so it is with Maizzy.  Everything changes.  That’s what makes this life.

Park Avenue, Arches National Park.

Back to Arches.  I love Park Avenue at the beginning of the drive.  I live on Park Avenue in Montrose, so it makes me think of home.

These remind me of the Three Wise Men.

The Courthouse rocks are very cool, and huge.

Large structure in the Courthouse area.

And the pretty La Sal Mountains in the distance . . . they stretch into my home county.

The La Sal Mountains.

Balanced Rock looks so fragile, but it is still standing.  I got this picture at dusk on the way back.

Balanced Rock, Arches National Park.

I like the windows shaped arches – it is one of my favorite stops and where I let the dogs out to walk around the parking lot.

Window arch is a popular short hike in Arches National Park.


My favorite window arch near Elephant Rock.

There is Delicate Arch, which will fall someday sooner than the windows arches, most likely.  Your mom, Erica, and I hiked there once long ago without water.  That was not too smart, but we made it.

Delicate Arch.

And, the Fiery Furnace is cool, too.  That was our last stop before we headed back to Moab.  We did catch a little bit of a sunset on the way back.

The sun sets on the Fiery Furnace with the La Sal Mountains in the distance.

Tomorrow, one last hike and we head home.  I think we will take the scenic route.  Afterall, this may be Maizzy’s last trip.  My Red Rocks Rhapsody.  My heart is broken.

Sunset clouds over the La Sal Mountains at Arches National Park.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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