Mears Bay on Mom’s Day Eve

Dear Maia and Isaac,

Today is my first hike with Maizzy in her K9 Sport Sack since way back in the saguaro cactus on my road trip last month.  That noravirus hit hard and I didn’t eat much for a couple weeks after . . . so I think all those muscles I was building up wasted a little.

Maizzy in her Doggles and K9 Sport Sack

Even though I haven’t been hiking, I have stitched Maizzy’s travel patches from our road trip last month to her K9 Sport Sack.  I figure it may be her last year to travel with me, so I should keep some memories.  We got patches from El Morrow, El Malpais, Salinas Mission Pueblo Ruins, White Sands, Chiricahua, Catalina State Park, Petrified Forest, Route 66,  Hubbell Trading Post, Canyon de Chelly, Four Corners, and Canyons of the Ancients.  Most of those are National Parks and Monuments.

Maizzy’s K9 Sport Sack with travel patches

I want to thank you two, because I think this blog is motivating me to try some new hikes.  I have been using that GJ hikes site to see all the trails near me.  Today, I started out tired.  (it has been a wild week and next week is ultra busy, too). So, after looking near and far, I decided on near.

San Juan Mountain range near Ridgway State Park

We ended up going to Ridgeway State Park – but a trail I had never taken called Mears Bay.  It was paved and flat, so good one to get back in shape on.

Reflections of the San Juans in a puddle

The water is still pretty low from the drought last year, but it has been a lot wetter this year.

Dry portion of Ridgway Reservoir 

You could see the mountains easily from the trail.

Mountains near Ridgway State Park

And, some boats out on the water.

Mears Bay

The cutest site was my dogs begging, though.

Maixxy begging for a treat

We got home and I noticed Sazi broke her hind foot nail, again.  Because of her intervertebral disc disease, her back legs are weak.  When she gets tired, she knuckles under (drags the top of her foot on the ground a little).  I have spent the evening looking for non-slip boots for her.  No luck.

Sazi and Kachina want a treat, too.

At least we got out today – and it’s only two weeks until our annual trip to Pearl Lake State Park named for your great-great grandma.  That is the start of camping season.  I can’t wait!!!

Love, Grandma Hartt

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