A Canyon With Two Mouths

Dear Maia and Isaac –

Spring has come so it is time for adventures!  I think I am a gypsy at heart because I love even the smallest of adventures.  Perhaps it is just my curiosity strength.  Winter bores me, but now I am on a roll.  First, so weekend hikes.  Then, my road trip through the Southwest.  Finally, it will be camping season.

The ridge of rock that has the petroglyphs

So, today we went hiking at Unaweep Canyon.  It is an odd canyon, because water flows out of both ends.  It has a little divide in the middle, but it is odd for a canyon.  Personally, I like it for the Ute petroglyphs that live here.  I think if I was an ancient Native American, I would have loved making petroglyphs.  They remind me of the mural on my garage, kind of.

My favorite panel of petroglyphs

It took me about 3 trips to actually find the petroglyphs because you have to leave the main trail to find them.  Now, I go every spring about this time.  One year, the cactus were blooming but we didn’t see any blooms today.

I think this one is the sun and moon, maybe

Maizzy was really tired, so she only hiked a little way.  In fact, she was sound asleep before I even had her on my back after I put her in the backpack.  Sazi and Kachina did well even though all three got their immunizations today.  It is hard to see Maizzy get old like that – she use to hike the whole way.  But, at least she can come along – and my upper body strength is better for it.

Maizzy asleep in her K9 Sport Sack

After we side-tracked to the petroglyphs, we followed the regular trail.  It goes up a hill so you can see a few of the area landmarks.  Notably, you can see Grand Mesa (the world’s largest flat top mountain), Mount Garfield, and the Colorado National Monument.  The hike follows a trail called the Tabeguache.

Tabeguache trail sign
The Colorado National Monument in the distance
The Grand Mesa in the distance
Mount Garfield in the distance

After that, we made a loop and stopped to see the ancient granary that is on the trail.  The pups got treats and Maizzy woke-up a little.  Oh, I got her Doggles so the sun won’t get in her eyes in the pack.  I also got her a baseball cap because she has a non-serious skin growth on her head and I think it is from too much sun.  Maizzy can’t make black hair, so she is more at risk for skin growths.  She looks goofy!

Maizzy in her Doggles and baseball hat
Sazi enjoying the hike
Kachina – our trail guide

If I could say one thing to the two of you it would be that I want you to know the real me.  I am a nurse and a midwife.  I like to start and direct programs that improve access to healthcare for our area.  I work very hard and I am a strong leader when it comes to rural healthcare.  And, I love to explore the world.  It would be hard for you to know me from my trips to see you because of not having the freedom to be my whole self.  I write this blog so maybe someday you will know me a little better.

Love, Grandma Hartt

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